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India is the preferred destination for the cost effective Plastic and cosmetic surgery. An integrated world-class healthcare system leveraging best medical practices backed by cutting-edge technology, specialized clinics, comprehensive services, internationally renowned private hospitals offering utmost level of integrated healthcare to international patients. The medical tourism industry in India is growing at double-digit growth rate, outstripping the 4% to 6% growth in general travel bookings. For many medical tourists, though, the real attraction is price. The cost of Plastic and cosmetic surgery in India, can be one-tenth of what it is in the United States or Western Europe, and sometimes even less.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery in India, or "plastik og kosmetisk kirurgi", as it is termed in local parlance, is gaining increasing popularity in the country.

It is, but one, of the myriad manifestations of the health and fitness drive. The economic boom witnessed by the country, in the past few years, has also made the affordability factor less of a consideration. Indulgence in cosmetic beautification has gripped the young and elderly, both men and women, and touched towns, cities and the countryside, all alike.

Already about 320,000 Danes have been under the knife, in other words, 8 % of the total adult population of Denmark - and the numbers are projected to rise even further. Latest research indicates a 20 % to 30 % projected increase in the coming years of the number of Danes looking for cosmetic surgery. Interestingly, every fifth female over the age of 17 is actively considering getting cosmetic surgery done, whereas every tenth female has already had cosmetic surgery done. Eighty percent of all Danes find the notion of cosmetic surgery fully acceptable. At present, about 30,000 cosmetic surgeries, per annum, are performed nationwide.

What is even more fascinating is that men account for a significant proportion of all cosmetic surgeries performed in Denmark. Every third Dane who has undergone or is contemplating cosmetic surgery is a male. Five percent of the adult Danish male population, about 100,000 has been under the knife, and 15% to 25% of the patients at plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics are indeed male, many of whom are the metrosexual varieties. The types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Denmark that generate the greatest patient interest are related to the breast treatments, eyelids, nose, liposuction, laser hair removal, abdomen and stomach, and last but not least, face-lifts.

The surge in interest in cosmetic surgeries is putting pressure on the Danish public healthcare system in a number of ways: (i) the brightest of plastic and cosmetic surgeons are defecting into private practice, thus reducing the talent pool within the public domain; and (ii) the costs of certain plastic and cosmetic surgeries performed in private hospitals are still being paid for by the public system - such as eyelid surgery, breast reduction and obesity surgery, where patients can easily claim that surgery is necessary to the healthy functioning of the body, and not due to any cosmetic concerns. According to Danish law, all cosmetic surgeries are to be financed privately by individuals, however, this grey zone of interpreting what is cosmetic versus what is essential to the healthy functioning of the body, has begun to tax the Danish public budget. Given the recent increase in the interest in cosmetic surgery, this problem is bound to worsen. In all likelihood, the Danish public healthcare system will have to put its foot down and refuse paying for such grey zone surgeries. If this happens, clearly, the demand for cosmetic surgeries at private hospitals will further rise, and hence, as will the waiting periods. To illustrate, one of the most famous private hospitals in Copenhagen, Hamlet Privathospital, has increased its revenues from cosmetic surgery three-fold in the past six years. However, the waiting period, in certain cases at private hospitals, can be as long as two-and-a-half months, from initial consultation to actual treatment.

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery has never been fully covered, if at all, by medical insurance, whether in Denmark or in most parts of the world. And, therefore, as is common knowledge, it can be an expensive undertaking. The cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Denmark is expensive. To quote a few examples of private hospital prices:

(i) Eyelid Surgery: ranges from DKK 7,000 to DKK 13,000 (USD 1,100 to USD 2,100)

(ii) Breast reconstruction: the surgery can cost from anywhere upwards of DKK 65,000 (USD 10,800);

(iii) Liposuction of the stomach: DKK 21,500 (USD 3,500);

(iv) Laser Hair Removal: DKK 12,000 (USD 2000)

(v) Hair Transplant: ranges from DKK 40,000 to DKK 350,000 (USD 6,600 to USD 58,000)

High cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery and significant waiting periods, has led to a notable growth in medical travel to other countries where the cost of the same treatment is lower and, therefore, more affordable for Danes. Popular treatment destinations include Turkey, Poland and Hungary. An increasing number of Danes have also now begun traveling to Asia, where they can draw the benefits of both excellent surgical treatment at the most competitive rates, combined with the option of making the trip a leisure and holiday journey. Now, given the waiting lists for cosmetic surgery even at private hospitals in Denmark, it is only natural for Danes to continue traveling abroad for treatment.

India may well be the next destination for medical tourists from Denmark. Cost of medical treatment in India for foreigners is one of the cheapest in the world, if not the most competitive. In Asia, it surpasses the cost advantages of even Thailand and Singapore. Quality of treatment is world-class, second to none, and at par, if not superior, in cases, to treatment available in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2002, the number of foreign patients who traveled to India for treatment was 150,000. In 2005, the same figure was close to 500,000. Travel to India for medical treatment is gaining momentum - India is a fast-growing centre for tourism offering the wonders of resplendent cultural richness with the magic of India's natural beauty. Patients are now also able to combine travel to India for medical treatment with a uniquely fulfilling holiday.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Plastic Surgery Tips

Plastic surgery is starting to become a very popular thing. Many people are getting plastic surgery done on themselves more and more each day. Although there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery there are a few things that you should look out for.

Plastic surgery has the potential to be a very bad thing for you. Just like anything that is good in life, it can have its negative effects as well.

Prices Are High

The first thing that I am going to mention is the prices of plastic surgery. This practice can get fairly expensive over time. It costs somewhere around 00- 00 just for one operation on surgery. This means that if you intend of getting a few parts done, you can expect to pay a decent amount of money.

If you are not careful with your spending, you may find that you are spending much more money then you really should be.

There Is a Chance It Could Go Wrong

Just like any other kind of surgery out there, there is a small chance that it could go wrong.

The results of surgery gone bad can be pretty ugly. In order to make sure that you avoid this is to make sure you get a qualified surgeon.

It never hurts to make sure that the person who is operating on you is experienced and knows exactly what they are doing.

If your surgery does go wrong, it can cost you a lot of money to fix it, and that is if you can fix it at all.

It Can Become an Addiction

Many people find that they can become addicted to getting plastic surgery done on their body. This is something that happens to even the best of people. Lots of people will only go in with the intention of getting a few things done with their body, but they end up coming out with lots more done.

This is something that you will want to avoid as this can become a very serious addiction, and it is something that you do not want to have.

There is a just a few tips that you should keep in mind if you do intend on getting surgery done on yourself.

Make sure that this is something is right for you because it is a very serious issue.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery: The Basics

Anyone who grows up in this country knows that looks matter. Being better looking can help you get ahead in life. It can lead to increased self confidence and self-esteem, both of which can also be invaluable when it comes to leading a happy and prosperous life. Of course, if you have something about your appearance that you would like to change, that's a possibility. With cosmetic surgery, people can come closest than ever before to looking exactly how they want to look.

Though it has never been more popular and the techniques have never been so advanced, cosmetic surgery isn't exactly something new. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that the first examples of the craft are in evidence at early as 4,000 years ago. These early skin grafts and work with cataracts in India may have been highly primitive by today's standards, but they nonetheless laid the initial groundwork upon which the field has continued to build to this day.

Today, cosmetic surgery comes in a number of forms. The types of procedures are nearly limitless, and new techniques and possibilities are being introduced on nearly a daily basis. Some of the most popular examples include rhinoplasty, the tummy tuck, the face lift, liposuction, and breast augmentation. Many, if not all, plastic surgeons will perform at least a few of these procedures in their practice. Women are by far the most likely patient for these procedures, though they are becoming increasingly common in men.

Though cosmetic surgery is probably more affordable now than it ever has been, the cost of many procedures is still rather high. Because most forms of health insurance will not cover elective surgeries, patients must pay this cost out of pocket if they want to have a procedure done. Some clinics offer financing to help their patients pay for procedures on their own time table.

If you're thinking of having some work done, make sure and do your research. Find out what the risks are for the procedure you're thinking of having. Take the time to find a good doctor in your area who has a lot of experience. Weigh the pros and cons of having the procedure and keep your expectations reasonable.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is on the increase the world over, and more and more people are altering their personal appearances. These operations should be considered carefully and it will be wise to take the necessary time and do thorough research on procedures. The reward of having plastic surgery is the joy and positive reactions from other people and the self-confidence boost they experience is completely worth the cost to some people.  Plastic surgery not only consists of breast implants and facelifts, but a wide variety of other procedures as well.


Plastic surgery at Vive Cosmetic Solutions takes ab holistic approach to the needs of the patient. They are proud to offer a wide variety of procedures consisting of breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction, arm and thigh lift, buttock augmentation, Botox, calf augmentation, ear pinning, eyelid rejuvenation, facelifts and male breast reduction.

They also offer the state of the art and latest hair transplant surgeries, lip enhancements, nose reshaping procedures, penile enlargement, scar revision and tattoo removal Guests will find all their needs catered for by certified and registered surgeons with the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa, along with the international society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Operations are performed at the state of the art Rosebank Clinic in Johannesburg. This private hospital is well known for its excellence in patient care and hi-tech medical equipment and facilities.


Vive Cosmetic Solutions' surgeons will sit down with you and discuss all aspects of your desired surgery while ensuring you the very best possible standard in surgery.

This is the chance where the patient can discuss all his or her concerns with the surgeon and let them know exactly what their needs are. Fully packaged deals are available that will cover all the patient's costs, from the surgeon, anaesthetist, pre-operative planning, theatre booking, and post-operative care and hospital stay at competitive prices and with easy affordable payment plans.


Plastic surgery is not only for the rich and famous and most procedures have a fast recovery period with minimal scaring. Visit and see what Vive Cosmetic Solutions have to offer you.