Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics Are Concerning

There are thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out each year in the UK and the number keeps increasing each year. What's worrying about that is that it is a very poorly regulated industry and mistakes are more common than you might think. Worse, negligence isn't always caused by mistakes so much as laziness and corner cutting.

A recent study outlined the scary facts. Carried out bey the National Confidential Enquiry it showed up some shocking statistics regarding the companies who carry out cosmetic surgery procedures.

First of all, nearly 70% of companies refused to take part in the study. That means that nearly 70% are completely unregulated. We know nothing of their practices, methods, standards or competency. Patients going to these companies really have no way of knowing how good the surgeon is or how good the after care will be. They certainly have no way of comeback should things go wrong, short of suing the cosmetic surgeon in question.

Of the remaining 30% there are some statistics that should cause patients concern. For example, 32% don't offer a 'cooling off period' after patients book a surgery. That means you can't change your mind after booking and get your full money back. Despite the fact this is standard practice for most transactions involving large sums, the unregulated cosmetic surgery industry does not, for the most part, adhere to this, which should be a worry for patients.

Only 56% of the companies that took part in the survey said they do the initial consultation with a consultant surgeon, instead presumably relying on their sales people to carry it out. This is worrying as it seems unlikely that any concerns will be raised in a bid to 'get the sale'.

A staggering 44% had poorly equipped operating theatres, increasing the risk that something could go wrong and if it did lacking the facilities to adequately deal with a mistake or complication.

A third of the companies don't have an out of hours consultant rota should an emergency arise and perhaps most worrying of all one in five do not have an emergency re-admissions policy, instead relying on the NHS to deal with any post-operative complications. They effectively wash their hands of the patient once the procedure is carried out.

All of this adds up to a poorly regulated industry in which a patient who suffers some kind of cosmetic surgery negligence has little opportunity to seek compensation other than through the courts.

In these instances it is advised that a patient contacts a specialist medical negligence solicitors who will be able to advise on whether or not negligence has taken pace and if so, how to go about claiming compensation.

Based on these statistics it is little wonder that as the number of cosmetic surgery procedures increases so do the instances of negligence and the number of claims for compensation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cosmetic Surgery After A Dramatic Weight Loss

Actually losing a significant amount of weight can be an incredible experience for anyone who has been struggling with food and their body image. Whether you have had to try a bunch of different diets until you finally found the right one or if you took the steps to have weight loss surgery, you have a whole new healthier you to look forward to. However, this excitement can be dampened by the amount of excess skin that you have to look at after the weight is all gone.

Any excess skin can hang and be quite unsightly for anyone to have to deal with. When you want to be thrilled about your body, the last thing you want to have to do is tuck in your stretched out skin or watch the flap of skin underneath your arm flap around when you wave to a friend of yours as they pass you by. It might just be time that you think of having some sort of cosmetic surgery performed in order to finally get rid of this extra skin once and for all.

Weight loss can be a marvelous way to feel healthy again as well as prolong your life with your family and friends. However, any sudden weight loss can leave your skin without a way to bounce back. The same idea goes whenever you have a person who is older that loses weight. Because their skin is no longer as young and resilient as it used to be, it doesn't have the memory that it used to. Cosmetic surgery can help to bring your skin back into a normal formation around your body, thus giving you a much more appealing look that you have been longing for.

During a consultant with a cosmetic surgeon, you may end up hearing that they recommend an abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck. Some procedures may even include a thigh lift, breast lift or even a face lift to pick up and tighten some of the skin around the face and neck. Generally, there will be two or three cosmetic procedures that will need to take place in order to give patients of rapid weight loss the look that they desire.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cosmetic Surgery For Males

Part of the reason for this is that there are some cosmetic methods that are exclusively for men, namely, rhinoplasty, gynaecomastia (male breast modification), liposuction and facial rejuvenation. Other procedures such as hair transplants are also quite popular, especially with balding men.

Other treatments such as Botox injections have also experienced a growing popularity among men, especially since issues like frown lines and wrinkles are common irritants that can be treated through such non-surgical methods. To soften mens' otherwise rugged and unyielding skin, fillers are used to enhance fleshiness in the face.

Contrary to what some may think, in this new age where anything goes, male surgery does not have any taboos associated with it any longer. In fact, procedures like rhinoplasty are encouraged by the man's wife or girlfriend.

For men to go under the knife, the reasons are usually more logical and answers more forthcoming. One of the most common reasons behind rhinoplasty and the like is the necessity to control the ageing process. Slumped jaws, slackened necks and meatier jaw lines are strict no-no's for the man of today. If the gym workouts can't curb it, males don't see any reason why they shouldn't visit a surgeon to put an end to their worries.

Another popular reason for men to opt for cosmetic surgery is to look suitable in front of their partners. This holds true especially for those who have just split with their partners and do not have age on their side anymore. To regain confidence in their appearance, men opt for procedures like eyelid surgery, jaw line structuring, facelifts or rhinoplasty. For men, problems in personal relationships have deep roots in their own personal appearance.

However, if a man is looking to go under the knife and decides to get rhinoplasty done to take care of that misshapen nose, he should be well-informed of the risks that are involved. Habits like drinking and smoking can prove to be a hindrance to successful surgery. It is also advised to consult one's physician before undertaking surgery. This is necessary to ensure whether the man is fit enough to take surgery or not.

However, if the said guidelines are adhered to and the physician gives the go-ahead, there should be no hesitation to go for processes like rhinoplasty and the like. A shapely nose, a trimmed jaw line, prominent cheek bones and the absence of a double chin can help delay the ageing process considerably, not to mention increase one's chances of getting a tick-tick from a prospective date.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cosmetic Surgery Options in Seattle

Physical appearance is one of the most important assets an individual can have to be able to survive in this world with the right confidence and self-esteem. This is the first thing about you that people will first get to see and know.

As such, many people are really very much into improving their appearance. It definitely pays to have good looks and the proper confidence to be able to face just about anything.

This is one of the main reasons why people are searching for options like cosmetic surgery in Seattle. With cosmetic surgery, they get to become more appealing and alluring and have the chance to improve those aspects of their body that they do not like.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a part of medical practice that engages on cosmetic enhancement of the human body. It requires some great skill and knowledge to be able to properly do this.

Considering the success of those who underwent the procedure, the physical results can be really pleasing. It even can give a whole new impact to those whose lives had been changed.

Given this opportunity brought about by modern technology and medicine, it is not surprising anymore that many people are attracted to cosmetic surgery, whether they are in Seattle or San Francisco.

Right Cosmetic Surgery for People in Seattle

Seattle is a popular state. This may not be the type of place that can be identified with the likes of Las Vegas, Beverly Hills or Hollywood, still you have a fairly extensive choice of physical enhancement options.

Cosmetic surgery in Seattle, or just wherever you may be, will require some serious consideration of the various elements involved in this decision. Evaluate the points provided below to get the best cosmetic surgery options in Seattle.

1. Competent and Able Surgeon

There are many success stories of plain girls turned into pretty princesses. These stories alone can attract anybody into having some cosmetic surgery done.

However, it is not right to be hasty. First, you have to find the right cosmetic surgeon in Seattle, one with a good amount of experience. Ask if he or she has any before and after photographs available to simply see how successful his or her previous procedures have been.

You can try going around the various cosmetic surgery centers in Seattle. You might want to explore the online options for centers who advertise their services in Seattle.

2. Consider the Costs

The costs of cosmetic surgery should also be a prime consideration. You cannot expect a free treatment from such an intricate procedure. Just keep in mind that you are getting the safe and sure services of a competent surgeon, then letting go of some money is a necessary sacrifice for your health and beauty.

3. Prepare for Some Discomfort

The surgeon will use anesthetics to keep you asleep during the procedure and it will be pain free. However there are still some after effects to contend with as your body will adjust to the drastic changes by the surgery. As such, expect a little discomfort such as bruising.

4. Evaluate the Emotional and Physical Consequences

Every person has a unique quality in their physical aspect. These qualities will be altered by the cosmetic procedure. Make sure that you arrange a proper consultation with a psychologist to prepare yourself for such changes if you have even the slightest doubt concerning the costmet surgery your are contemplating.

If you think that cosmetic surgery is really for you, then exercise your option whether you be in Seattle or elsewhere. All you need to do is to be certain yourself. Nothing else will stop you from being beautiful.